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Protect My Heart


Baby, you should know that
I've been afraid to try
I'm healing
From some things
And my tears
Are pale and dry

I said
"I'm through with love"
You made it all a lie
You turned my never ever
Into one more time

If I happen to fall
(I feel it coming on)
In love
(Think I could fall in love)
Please protect my heart

Happen to fall
(Been through so many things)
In love
(I'm tired of fragile, baby)
Please protect my heart

Baby, you should know that
I like what's going on
The way you make me feel
I've seen this all before

You are incredible
I can't deny that, no
Could be my everything
But baby
Don't break my heart


(Repete 3 estrofe)

Deep in my heart
I believe that
You really care for me
I pray that this time
Love lasts eternally


(Repete 3 estrofe)

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