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The Show

Talib Kweli

[Talib Kweli]
Okay, I'm only gettin it on one side of the headphone
Aight~! Yeh, bring it in like...

Five somethin in the mornin goin on six
It's daylight, sunrise time
Time to free yo'self... free yo' soul, free yo' mind
Ladies, free that ass... yeah!
Coast to coast it's the most, we don't brag and boast
We just leave 'em comatose
It's your boy Talib Kweli, yeah!

Flow is tight, though I got a couple screws looses
It's cuckoo, my rep in this game is bigger than Bruce Bruce
Who you? Your name smaller than fine grains in couscous
It's the highest calibre, your calibre is deuce deuce
SHOOT~! Y'all niggaz can't hang like a loose noose
I get on stage, niggaz in my ear like a Bluetooth
And that's the triple truth Ruth, they lips is loose like
they seen your lovedaddy in the bulletproof blue Coupe
My rhymes is full of truth, and the business full of lies
Try to look a Masai kid in his eyes for the flies
and tell him how he fucked up our environment daily
The only thing we know about Africa is from Nas or Belly
But go off like a Hutu or Tutsi, from Rwanda or Burundi
Over drums like Babatunde Olatunji
Sayin nigga just to keep our teeth white, like Paul Mooney
Fightin spiritual wars, like the Shi'ite or the Sunni
Yo~! Our music went from tap dance to the lapdance
Try to get me to sell out and that's a fat chance
You see black faces in my rap pages
Larry Davis, Angela Davis or Ossie Davis

Yeah, welcome to the show, it's Talib Kweli, so amazin
Live from California it's the Madlib invasion, let's GO~!

This exercise in freedom is called the "Liberation"
I keep it fly by a process of elimination
When it come to payin the kid, sometimes it's hesitation
'Til I make 'em check it in like they got reservations
But there ain't no reservations about coppin this
Even though it's free for the people there ain't no stoppin this
Poppin fresh, cakin up, I'm breakin up the, monotonous flow
that can't write or plant life like a botanist grow
a new crop and just roll, it up, blow it out whoa
Excuse the cockiness though, I'm just showin out - know
you can't go without this, now what'chu know about that?
Now what'chu know about... now what'chu know about... {*to fade*}

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