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Bright As The Stars

Talib Kweli

feat. Mos Def

{*man talking*}
haha yeah, but you brothers gotta be careful
I mean that ain't your average, garden variety
run of the mill gangster bullshit
Y'all hardcore, but you got a edge
Just look at ya, together
You, you little black stovepipe colored nigga
You are the same complexion as Marcus Garvey
The man that brought self love
to the black consciousness movement of the 1930s
And now when we speak about complexion
We move into (???) of where y'all comin from
Yeah, red boned, variety covered
genie in a bottle lookin motherfucker
You are the same complexion as Malcolm X
Ooh I'm tellin you you brothers you're gonna be large
But like I said, you gotta be careful
See, cuz you are tellin the truth

[Talib Kweli]
Me and my man came out to put it down
Yeah, we bout to do it all over again
Here we go

A lotta cats like to get on the microphone and front
They say they rollin the paper like they ran outta blunts
Tell ya how much the Soundscan of the month
The man tell you to just do it
We never let the man take advantage of us
You get props off the diamonds you rented
I get my props off the rhymes I invented
Cuz I spoke my mind and I meant it
Like Tae Bo with a bow tie, kicked your ass with class
And we still take it to Brooklyn when we ready to splash
Me and Hi-Tek got you ready to blast
I'm all ready to last, I stay hungry like I'm ready to fast
Married to the movement like a (???)
The rhyme veteran
You actin real bitch right now like a lesbian thespian
Since they let me in the back I've been droppin you
(???), stay fresh and clean like hospitals
In the war the Cris' poppin, the wallet to wrist watches
You ever t

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