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Really Rich Grave

Tales Of Darknord

Really Rich Grave

From dark room I'm hearing angry voice.
This is story about like stupid man made foolish choice.
No more than age ago
Two christians cross holy law.
Make change with other side
Of world with Devil. Were they want dying?
At really rich grave and no more!
Tawdry terror they are feeling!
Losing tawdry terror they have
Gone to the terrible wishes.
Shame left damned selves.
Why? They tired from eternal poverty.
What's the crasy method they turn from variations?
What's the way to rich embraced your mind.
They started the mission.
They deicided take the spades in your dirty hands.
They went to the graves. The deads is not bit thiefs.
No! It's scream of generations.
The angry spades broke ground - the last salvation.
They crashed the skulls with gold constructions
Taking no notice of this appelation.
They regardless of curse from the grave-yards
Become a practised hand at this dirty deal.
Their appetite came with the eating
And they deicided to rob the crypt of Faraon.
You found this grave!
Wellcome in that crypt!
You see million of diamonds.
There is really rich grave.
The grave has high and imposing walls.
One of the thiefs take ones from.
The horror curse of Faraons!
The diamonds broke on their heads.
Diamonds! Poor thing overtakes them at rich grave

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