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Nothing More Except Circulation

Tales Of Darknord

Nothing More Except Circulation

Swells of eyes analyse the kingdom
Of the moving insects and want find the
Beautiful juicy food for callows jaws.
It's usually days. There are we.
Such creation without salvation
Is stupor of the spirit to me.
Enemies arround me are ready to torture me.
I'm blood peace of the horror shriek!
Some dolt will says: isn't it the truth?
Sunny days warm ground and the flowers shine.
May be in other world the evil rules
But we all right! Hey! Who are you?
Fall me to ground! No!!!
Just the bones of dolt are remain on the ground.
There isn't laws at other world
Which are not look like of it.
Prepare for death without sence - it's naturally end.
A millions worms eat hundreeds corpses
Exactly like people eat the organic food.
A stupid issue: whose quilt in it?
Why indeed the appetite is
The main cause of all decay?
The name of which may be is life.
Or global way to water-closet pan.
You must learn to chew!
This is the main aim!
Eat and manure!
Isn't it the high pleasure?

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