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In A Waiting For Lord

Tales Of Darknord

Obscurity machine on another side
Livelong day drill my mind.
Riout again of empty doctrines.
Spiritual nudity role!
Fake was desiphed. Nudity role!
Fake was desiphed. Empty doctrines!
Fake was desiphed!
My life always may dispense with
Empty Dreams. But this is not mean
a Suffocation of our feelings.
We lost it as we are dead.
And all is Hopeless wait!
Blood! Is this saint cure for me?
War and unanimity. Sneer on the face
of Lord. Eyes of hell. Is this my God?
Bloodless roses are dirty and dead
Never in one's life will not stay a red!
I want know way you are!? Oh God!
I'm screamihg from the Earth. It's not far.
I know what I'm. I'll rott in the Hell.
It's my end.

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