Ignis Sanat

Tales Of Darknord

Ignis Sanat

I'm dispirited stench
Of your disinhereting future,
Prisoner of unpaiding dept
Wich turned into holy duty.
I don't want my privacy disturbed.
My privacy was impossible.
But no more!
On throwing your laws into
The fire I left my society!
Brainstorm, torture in my soul
Browbeat your gingerly world!
I am dispirited future,
a prophetic butcher,
enemy of liars,
a New Messiah!
Squash on the way to paradise
Gives me ironical smile
Hey you! Discard your prejudices,
It's time to show your merit.
I'm outsider voice.
I have the world of nature.
Hey you! I'm needing in your souls
For my judgement fire.

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