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Fatal Decay Of Morbid Dreams

Tales Of Darknord

Fatal Decay Of Morbid Dreams

Dead bodies. They're chopped in half.
Innards are eating by vultures.
Gory dead mankind.
It's just a dream of butcher.
Weird images. Conqued sleeping mind.
Man is insane and his brind is blind.
Chaos and darkness.
Fatal decay of morbid dreams.
Phantoms of death so real and
Grim carnivorous thought dominate.
Lethargy - an endless sleep.
Massacre will stay a vision.
Suffocated in stincky crypt.
Bloodshed is a dying illusion.
But the killer someday will arise
No hope for mersy he'll make
Sacrifice, catch some children,
Asphyxiate and eat they hearts,
Fill his coffin with innocent,
Blood and hang entrails on hooks.

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