Tales Of Darknord


The switches turn on in the night.
It's blasphemy! It's terrifying!
I am certain!
The cesspool stench with horror things.
This is corpses! This is flesh!
I see clot blood.
Near this house I lose hope
Not only on the life but and on the own grave.
I came on the light.
The door has opened and I was
Caught by my hair and tied
To the sacrificial post.
Dissmissed sadist.
He practised medicine
In past. Now and all last
Days he feel melancholy.
He was sadist and then dismissed.
I'm feeling fear.
The shaggy hair lies on arms.
Angry face. Hungry eyes.
Incarnation of beast.
The dirty fingers feel my torso.
Crasy gay! Who are you?
Inborn monstr.
And then he told me history
About he. Now I can see
Suffocation and
Why he lives at this hidden place.
From the childhood he must
Took part in the wars.
He is just ill, invalid.
Crasy man. His brain is dead.
He was killed by our hands.
This is beast look like priest.
It's slavery, war.
It's depenclence from the kill.
Salary by work - it's sourse of evil.
Lightly to kill for your own master.
Assembly of leaders utter loud laughter.
Bodies hang on iron thorns
Piersing bloodless flesh.
Bily-pusy defecations
Drop down from gashes
In their stomachs.
This is an illusory story.
The story of the damned.
Temples are demolished and
Altars are profaned.
This is a blasphemous story.
The story of dismissed.
My obsessive thoughts turn in reality.
Mutilated corpses swing
On the rusty hooks
Drove in their gory sockets.
Only black winds blows.

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