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Where do The Children Play?

Take 6

Come here boys! Playin' in the schoolyard (watch out boys)
I need to have your time and attention,
Oh I've got crack and things like that (what, oh no, don't do it)
And I guarantee your money back (watch out boys!)
If the trip ain't right (what are you talking about?)

Come here girls (no!) Standin' on the corner (watch our girls!)
I need to have your time and attention (Don't listen, stop talking that smack!)
Well, you work for me, your rent is free (what, don't listen go back home!)
And I promise job security
If you throw it right (give it up!)

We look in the mirror every morning
Not realizing there's a warning
These are our children
Don't let them slip away
We've got to uplift them
Give them guidance
Show a them future free of sadness
If we ignore (this)
Well, it's on ya

Where do the children play?
They're living a come what may
Where will they play?
They can make it
Just lead them on their way
Oh Lord, they're living in a wicked world
Where will they play?
You know better find out
'Cause their future begins today

Come here kids (yo, please listen!) Searching in the darkness
(We've got something, listen up!)
I need to have your time and attention (just listen, you better pay attention!)
It's okay to lay you blame (tell 'em Lord!)
I died for yuo so with no shame (you can call)
You can call my name

We're reading the labels every morning
Not seeing the writings or the warnings
They're a livong in a world not their own
Show them a place where love is holy
Lead them away from sad on lonely
If you don't do it
Well, it's on ya

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Give them a future!


Compositor: David Thomas / Claude Mcknight

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