U Turn

Take 6

Long trip, dull strip, Seems to go now here
Long day, wrong way, Never getting there

No more get­up­and­go, Internal drive is low
It´s just like filling up
The adrenline gets you spinning when, U Turn

Toll road, been told, There´s a price to pay
Keep straight or deviate?, S.O.S....Mayday

Decision is the key, It´s just like STP
´Cause every drop you add
Gives you extra kick down that yellow­brick, U Turn

So when you´re feelin´ low, You need to undergo
A simple change of heart
Put some latitude in your attitude

Don´t be concerned with yesterday
You´ve got to make a beeline for tomorrow
Your heart will surely find the way
You´ll learn to undo the heart burning when, U Turn

Compositor: Joe Sample / Mervyn Warren / Mark Kibble / David Thomas

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