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How Life Changed (feat. Mitchelle'l and Scarface)


No Mercy

[Verse 1 - T.I.]
Ay say KT
I remember bro standing out ten of uh
Flip a bird split it up
Antenna stickin' up
For crooked cop patrollin'
If the rad-doh rollin
All the dough I'm throwin'
Fuck a jail I ain't going tonight
Quick to pull a 4-4 in the fight
Under the street lights
Rollin' the dice
We was so enticed
By niggas like slick money and ice
We figure prison end should come with the light
Along with losin' your life
And there were no way we thought
We'd go to jail for any case we caught
For all the yay we bought
Not a dime did we say we borrowed
Bought damn near every pair of jeans at the mall
Had our way with the broads
Hit the rink but we ain't skatin' at all
Seem like every other day we brawl
That AK on call
When I think about all we done
It's amazing to see how far we come

[Chorus - Mitchelle'l]
I remember walkin'
Didn't have a dollar in my pocket
Now I'm watching stocks like whats the options
Oooh Oooh
Oooh Oooh
How life's changed
I remember hustlin'
Tryin' to get these crooked cops off us
Now I read about it in my office
Oooh Oooh
Oooh Oooh
How life's changed

[Verse 2 - T.I.]
Ay say C-Roy
Remember days we was slangin' the hard
In a crib with no lights
We used to stay in the dark
Remember Captain Mac bonin' man
They were retarded
I don't know who kept us laughing the hardest
Since our sacks was the largest
Didn't take us long to corner the market
I remember everyday was a party
15 16 with dreams of being cocaine bosses
In pursuit of that
We made so many terrible choices
Like the time we made away with that Millennium
From the dealership
Before our day won we killin' em
Late nights
Gun fights
High speed chases
So close to the good life we taste it
Damn the consequences pimp
If it's a chance we take it
First case a month in juvenile and get probation
When I think about all we done
It's amazing to see how far we come


[Verse 3 - Scarface]
We started small time dope game
Hustlin' that cocaine
In the state traffickin'
High feeling no pain
Numb to the fact
That we was poisoning our own kind
I ain't give a fuck
He gettin' his so I want mine
Young and with that attitude
Somebody finally gimme that
I ain't give a fuck how I got it
It was real as that
So if I had to peel a cat
Somebody was dead then
Since I'm a killer
That's the condition my head's in
Can't work too hard to get my money
I refuse to
Slave for the next man a raise nigga fuck you
These streets are 9 to 5
You want it we can get it for ya
And even though they steady changin'
This is still a hustle
Still got them same rules
Man I be the same game
We'd even found some brand new money
Still we maintain
This ain't integrity
We upheld in the street life
Livin' the mother fuckin' dream
Niggas singin' like...


By: Aqs

Compositor: T.i

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