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Collect Call


Try to build the world and im standin tall
But if i ever ever have to take a fall
Will you accept my collect call
Will you accept my collect call
Cuz everybody loves you when you ballin
But dont nobody want you when you bawlin
But i know will you accept my collect call
But i know will you accept my collect call

I was told way back in the day when I was trappin
Nevermind what niggas say judge em all on they actions
Its hard to imagine when you travelin
Havin fun gettin paper catch a case and see how niggas act then
Out a cell partner been fired he rattin on me
Got a little benja pension now they turn they back on me
Shit cuz out of sight is out of mind
Better put your trust in God homie man will let you down everytime
And Im speaking experience, serious
Imagine my suprise hearin from the inside
Everybody talkin bout me like the nigga just died
Tip gone 20 years at the least get 5
Man niggas just lie for suspicion of they snitchin
Not to mention the rumors of me committin suicide
God will open your eyes and show you who really wit ya
But keep it in the back of your mind when its over how niggas did ya


I aint never asked a nigga to do shit for me
I wouldnt do in return but guess you live and your learn
Dont expect my well bein to be a nigga concern
Cuz I know that aint the way the world turn
Cuz everybody love to see a nigga assed out
Rather see ya lose it all than to see ya cash out
They gossip like bitches I dont even ask how
Cuz niggas aint shit i believe that now
And it even matter how much you do for people theyll love to
See you beat down livin in the gutta, what a
Shame at the least in the game when you see
They want you locked up more than the police
The same cant wait to get a nigga off the street
They hate to see me sittin on buckets off c
Dog beat bet to you dont even make sense
But that mentality exactly why youll never be grieved hata


I remain a stand up guy no matter what I
Stood tall chest out head up high
Wit my back against the wall layin it all on the line
Wit God on my side I perform everytime
Must I remind you
Similar to a miracle just short of amazin
Survived shit that wouldve drove most niggas crazy
Rose to the occasion whatever situation
Suprised haters and came out gun a blazin
Theoretically speakin but you rather be thinkin
Ill fold cuz u want a view of me I know
All I got is the family friends come and go
And with that understandin I put none before
My folk you know enough to do the same I hope
If not, shit ya ass will find out
When ya on top everybody wanna ball wit ya
but when ya not you wouldnt even know who to call would ya.

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