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Would You Feel Better


Just a stranger of obscurity
But you’ve finally arrived
Tell me, is it strength or is it weakness
If one pushes you aside
But you found a place to stay
Apart from where he made his rules
While you wonder ‘bout your task –
The prophecy might yet come true

You can feel that he is present
But you never saw his sight
Elemental discrepancy –
he’s made of earth and you of light
In his tight conservatism he is sure you’ll never fit
Though rejecting your whole vision you embody all he missed

Would you feel better now - if things never changed?
Would it be better - if just all stayed the same?
Would you feel better now – to leave and give in?
Or does it feel good somehow – to differ from him?

You feel a rush, he’s turning ‘round and ‘round
You changed too much – this is a place that he first found
A huge repulsive force creates an atmosphere of turbulence and pain
Not yet so dangerous but who can judge if competition drives insane…
Did you come in vain?

He’s waiting in the shadow, watching you alone,
how should he approach you – he should know
Sees your bright eyes shining pale and rather grey
Though not understanding – he should know

No-one could predict the time
Though future is so well defined
Now elements are close –
From difference they arose
But what could future signify?
We should know soon

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