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When The Leaves Fall Down


All we knew for decades is spoken
Thousand promises have been broken
Rub out leafs of trials
Empty lines
Feel that our force is mistaken
See how our future is shaken
Wipe it off our eyes - clear our minds

See now what we left behind!
It wasn't enough we tried!
Why did we wait
Though we knew inside?
Did we fail? Did we fail?

Now, we always took it for granted
Start when it already has ended
Pour out lots of wine
Crush the ice
Fields, our lands are gutted by fire
Miles of dirt and hatred grow higher
Drink our glass of wine - taste our lies

Not eternal, not for sale, not a gift to throw away - and when the leafs fall down
Not our places, not our life, not our room we vandalize - when the leafs fall down
Not self-evident, not due, not a passing rendez-vous - when the leafs fall down
Not a game and not so weak, irreplaceably unique - when the leafs fall down...

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