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Why does it change like an endless cycle where passion
turns to request for an unconscious aggression
Hesitate to follow an inner compulsion
Fertilise weed to feed furious violence

Once silence eased my pain, now it tears me apart
And a melody comes back I used to know by heart
How to jugde a man whose sincere intentions
Are supposed to die?

Poisonous force deep in me drowning me unconsciously

Anxienty rouses apathy, paralysed by a well known crime
and emotions once called sympathy have left their bloody sign
I take a look at my hands and feel ashamed
Disgusted glance in the mirror and I cry in vain

Poisonous force deep in me drowning me unconsciously

Tears – a dried up source confessed
Blue sea of failing hopes - oh no
I can’t endure deceitfulness - no more
Now I hear it, deserted cries and loneliness again
Tell me how to leave this way – I can’t

Behind the mist lies a memory
A flickering fire still remains
It could not avert their agony
And all the suffering I left behind
But can it still heat up the cold?
Never again - I approached too far
I know. Who can forgive me?

There’s a voice appealing once more
Melodies that I’ve heard before
Can’t resist those bewitching whores…

A thousand sounds in my head they’re promising
so much deriding values and dreams
And hope and trust and I feel in me
The power destroy just to destroy
Unrestrained emotions and joy
Miserable memories… damn

Poisonous force deep in me drowning me unconsciously

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