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Those Defiant Ways


Those defiant ways
Yes, I followed them just to be back again
Those defiant ways
Realised too late how they tempted my will
They enchanted my youth like a bored know-all child
So naïve to believe that my fucking dreams will come true

Tranquil country lifestyle

That’s why I see no way to be the man that I ever wanted to be
Rebel by heart to break the chains that keep me here
I’d like to breathe the air of a vivid endless city just to begin

Refugee in the ocean of modern age

Endless city embrace me
Motivation runs
Through me…

Ambitious, delicious,
Adventurous, contentious,
Exciting, inviting,
I’m writing, I’m fighting
For my dreams…

Oh what a challenge to write
I work at day and by night
Can’t find a minute to think
God knows I’m on the blink
Never there’s silence around
Is this my dream that I found?

Got the time to breathe
Pressure lies beneath
My own liberty
So I can’t believe:
Only empty sheets
Feel how time deceives
Sacred dignity!
Dignity, liberty
Sanity, mendacity

Time…against all I could not keep pace
Where is my way a shrine deserted without trace
How should I breath, how should I flee from claws
That try to suppress me?
There was no sign along my way
No guide, no help and so I pray

All tears, all cries
Forgotten..all lies
To leave…it’s no defeat
Just a detour makes you see
Embraced city, I have to go
It’s not you fault

Now I know

Those defiant ways
Yes, I followed them just to be back again

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