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The Last Embrace


Easy is nothing, nothing is near –
it used to be my garden but the rules ceased

Silence, why is the silence in me ?
I fight the need to struggle with it endlessly

Within and possibly without –
I chase the reason and by the way pursue my doubts

Teardrops of night or teardrops of day
when it turns to dust and finally dust will stay

Stop me now or let me go

I am your child and you are my God –
I’d take your hand but will you follow me now?
Nearby is somewhere, somewhere’s so far –
I break the chains of life to break your heart
Leave me or simply leave it to me –
for decisions are close and my decisions deep, please
Help me though there’s no help I can see –
from far I came to end it without me

Stop me now or aid my soul
Keep me here or let me go

I’m sick of it all – I have to break up my chains
These walls have to fall – I’m going to kick them away
I’m fed up with life and life is fed up with me
So once and for all I’ll leave and I will be free

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