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The Colors Changed


Fought my way through gloomy alleys, felt the storm in my face
Looked around me as I noticed some flowers covering stony space

And it felt like a rush of blood to my head
And it woke in me feeling I had hidden away

Colors please grow for me, paint my world rosily,
keep me just sheltered and warm.
Save my lost blossoming values I once trusted in … show me …

Was it raining from the facades when the walls started to fade?
Look around me and it seems like all the colors have changed.

And it feels like a rush of blood to my head
And it wakes in me feeling I had hidden away

And I start to paint this place as marvelous as it can be
And I paint it colorful to cover all the cracks I see
Draw the lines I should have made so long ago with grateful strokes
Let it fill the place of distrust and impenetrable smoke

Colors in my eyes replace the achromatic atmosphere
Do I fantasize or it’s the sound of birds that I can hear?
When I chase the falling leafs and track their path so mindfully
Will they finally guide me to my world and to eternity?
Would you shoot up, grow my garden, please my Eden grow for me.

Show me how you decorate the streets that brought me misery
Outspread all your roots and blow up all these stones that build the wall
Shatter all that binds me here, don’t give me up, please hear my call …

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