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Signed Away


I gave you truth – you gave me nothing
I broke and you took advantage of it
I wrote the lines – you never read them with me
Just spoke inside insidiously

I knew my fortune but believed my lies
A million reasons just to prove me right
I built it with you but without a doubt
You where never with me, now I found it out …

I signed my life away
And spilled the ink of trust I should have saved
I offered all my tears I used to hide
To blur the lines of truth I kept inside

If you’d asked for rainbows – would have brought them here
For in brightest colors you would have shone for me
And a thousand treasures – would have searched for all
But the colors darkened – they will shine no more …

… and I write it down inside … inside …
… and I fight and I turn the page of sighs …
… and I feel it here tonight … tonight …
… and I cried and I signed off my life …

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