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Seeking Nights


Shadows of twilight, like a sign of might, conquers greed for light
Vanguard wings, fading blinks of the day

Oppressive calmness reaching out for sure
Nervous hours once more, torn apart, bleeding heart
Long ago

It finds me, reminds me - a glimpse of my past
Is behind me, obsessed me, as years went by

Abuses me, confuses me - I don’t know why it teases
Why it hurts me, God, tell me how to forget this night

Nights - from deep in my mind
Thoughts - that try to accuse me
Nights - a trace left behind
Thoughts - that try to accuse me

Too blind for allusion, imploring eyes
Dad, I really did’nt realise!
Irrevocable hopeless

Train of thoughts that I failed to see
Wasn’t there when you needed me the most

This night when you went away
To find your heart that you’d lost
Too blind for allusion, implorin eyes
Dad, I really didn’t realise!

When she left your life, you needed me
You began to die, I didn’t see
Just for me I cried, blame on me
Feel those seeking nights endlessly

Seeking nights…

Now it’s near - every breath is cool
I regret what I’ve done to you
If I could I would undo all
Seeking nights

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