Tasted flavors of regret
Paid for all my past preset
Countless hours that I cried
Stigmatized but still a child

And then it followed me out and marked my way
It tried to cover me now – this was my fate
And though it killed me inside and fossilized
But how can it legitimize to judge my life?

Why – why does it overshadow lights I have in me?
Why – why does it soil the way I feel?
Why – why can it testify the words I did not speak?
Why …

So while I figured it out, started to see
What many people somehow, they saw in me
And though I live with it now – from day to day
Still taste the flavors of how it preset my way … discriminates …

Swim inside my room and fix the walls
Turn my thoughts, my thoughts they turn it all
Lack a joint of confidence – booze the pills of ignorance
Feel I’m microscopically small

Drown inside my lit aquarium
Watched by scientists and so alone
Alice in a wonderland – silly-billy different
In a world of fake and silicone

Open your eyes to find it’s right not wrong and the flavors left no trace
Open your eyes and find the rain is gone and the presets wiped away
Open your eyes to leave the wonderland – it’s not your future just your past
Open your eyes and gain the confidence because the confidence will last

Linger in a sort of big balloon
Try to throw the words in cotton wool
Voices that can’t penetrate – syllables you’ll suffocate
Endless linguistic interludes
Leave your sea – unique you are
Strong not weak and near, not far

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