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One Step Beyond


My resistance is broken
I can not even lift my head
Left myself too wide open
Now I pull back myself instead

Is it true that although I’m numb it’s burning?
Is it true that outside the world keeps turning?

And then it’s you – you rouse in me the fire I need
And it’s true – you show me how to put me at ease
And when you soothe you reach to pull me out from the deep
What a fool – because you should be the one I relieve

For when you rise and carry on and take me one step beyond
You find the words that I’d never search for
You try to make me strong and take me one step beyond
You win the thoughts that I can not fight for

My resistance gets weaker
How to breathe when the air is gone?
Can one lose what one lived for?
How to end? – How to carry on?

Soaking up the moonlight remorsefully – picking up the dirt devotedly
How to keep on, to keep on?
Exchanging a dime for misery – relinquishing hopes reluctantly
How to keep on, to keep on?

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