In Vain


You smile, you charm, you hold his sense –
Bewilder everything
So hard to see – you can hardly keep back your tears
So innocent, you enchant the world –
But don’t care at all, seek something else
You’re blinding, you’re hiding…

If you held out your hand,
Would it be such a dangerous deed?
Would you loose your dream?
If you held out your hand,
You could hope that your prince’s waiting near…
Should he wait in vain?

You give, you play a twinkling star,
But never close enough
And when you shine
you hide how fragile you are
So differently – repulsive force
That’s why you hesitate
But somehow more

It’s silent all around, a shattered trace…
The dim glow hesitates to light your face
Your ego smeared –
All that remains this night
A shadow on your face –
Should all this fade emptiness?
Oh no! Oh no!
Love should not be wasted in vain

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