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Golden Cage


Mist is surrounding her cliff,
I feel pain, it is caused by her voice
How could I try to escape
I can’t move, move at all

Waves are crashing against her stone rocks
I see now her face my greed grows
My only wish now is to be with her
Be forever

I remember such a lonely time
Felt so lost but somehow pleased
I know this time is so long ago

My memories they fade away
Can’t even think, my brain is paralysed
My resistance crumbles now

There’s no return, no escape
I’m a prisoner in her golden cage
There’s no escape, no return
I’m a prisoner in her golden cage

It was just my own choice to be her willing fool
So why do tears run down my face - she’s so beautiful

Now, free me from your golden cage
Please release me from my pain
To be alone again

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