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Former Life


It is written in her face like a book she opened wide
Are you bothering at all?

Don’t you hear it in her voice long ago her pride has broken?
Don’t you care for her no more?

That’s your former life …

When she’s giving you her hand out of habit you reply
Don’t you feel you cause her pain?
She would build for you the world, in your colors she would paint it
But she cried for you in vain …

That’s your former life …

When you used her, did you feel, did you need her?
When you squeezed her, did you see, did you please her?

When the day will fade to nothing and the night will come in sight
When the lust has stopped to warm you, you will freeze without her light
When the storm has ceased to touch you and it leaves you on your own
When it’s silence all around you, you will face your life alone … alone …

Did you see it in her eyes? Did you see her pride had broken?
Did you think of her at all?

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