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For One Day


Your hands uncertain, with your voice unheard
When you’re lost in senses it’s for all you’re worth
With your eyes you capture where the others fail
With your face you show me what you long to say

When the waves of sorrow surge into your heart
No-one knows how deeply it tears yourself apart

For one day – teach me dreams unbroken
For one day – speak what’s left unspoken
For one day – come into the open
For one day …

Timid gestures and your sight unsure
When you cry in silence it’s not a fake at all
And then your tears of sorrow the others fail to see
From me you can not hide it – you can not lie to me

When the isolation justifies your thoughts
And alone you wonder who will hear your call

I’ll be waiting – I’ll be waiting for you
I am hoping to relieve your sorrows
I am dreaming – I am longing for it
Show me reasons for one day …

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