Calm down and take my time
I got to keep cool and then unwind
I got to stay sane and take a breath
I got to slow down and just relax

I try to persuade myself for real
I try to keep control of all my fears
I try to switch off and eventually turn aside
And I try but I know it's a waste of my time

Run away … run away

Need it - Do I - Try it - Will I - here
Want it - Can I - Got it …

Rejoice like others do
I want to let go and be just like you
I want to hang around while I think of nothing else
I want to be sun and not the rain

I cannot just stop this masquerade
I cannot accept that it's too late
I cannot lose my anxiety
But I try to find a place where I used to be me

I try to break out but I cannot succeed
I have to be strong but again I’m too weak
My senses are frail - so defenseless within
But though I'm afraid I will never give in

Coalitions of viciousness fade away and take up
All my weird sensations - wish I could just wake up
From my known improvised life to make up
My mind inside - will I just capitulate and give up?

Insufficiently wise and I don't know when I'll grow up
Myself compromised and the cracks now show up
In my own crystallized side to blow up
To vaporize but I'll never give up …

Within our heads so deep inside, within our depths - that's where they
hide And in our heads they're buried deep; and with these shades we
have to live

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