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Essence Of Life


Hey, did I ever tell 'bout cute tick called Pete
He lived his life quite well,
Though he was a complete freak
You should believe me,
he’s the kind of tick you wanna meet
Led a lone life in peace – oh yeah
He was quite tough…tick Pete
Oh sweet little Pete
That’s your life…

Little Pete once was in a nasty mood
And so he asked himself:
“What is the reason that I don't feel good?”
He had a feeling that was rather strange
And so Pete knew that all
he needs was just a blood group change
Once someone told him of a place somewhere,
So he left home although he knew
that it would be hard to get there
You see his planning was quite terrific,
That’s why I told you our Pete was such a cool, tough tick

Walking away…
Walking away my friend…

Life – what does it mean to you?
However you get through,
Each has another real essence of …
Life – who can make sense of it?
Some may think life’s just shit
Some think that blood is the (es)sense of life!

Travelling from host to host - always alone.
No matter the time it costs – so far from home.

When he got there, it was like paradise.
A new sensation – you should have seen his eyes.
And Pete was quite pleased –
Blood in variety.
So he did not even see
The impending tragedy
How should he know – just a
Stranger after all – but blood in
Soho may contain alcohol.

Most of his time Tete was in a sort of – let’s say – delirium
He lost from time to time his style and equilibirium
You might conclude: in a city – what a pity – but he will lose the day
But drugs create indifference,
So Pete doesn’t care, anyway!

They fade away – the pheromones of bygone days.
What’s left to say…ha, different priorities!

Drifting away…

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