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A Fairytale Ending


He roamed the wood of Neldoreth
His name was Beren - at dusk he saw Luthien
Like a shining star her gleam enchanted his heart, so he fell in love
In his mind only Luthien Thinuviel, daughter of breaking dawn

Beren and Luthien - a love damned by fate
The father of Luthien was the king of the elbs
Great was his anger, Thingol his name
As he saw Beren to an evil decision he came

Beren's face turned to white
As Thingol said what he wanted:
"A single gem of the crown of Morgoth -
just bring me the Silmaril!"

So he agreed, travelling down to Angband for love

Hard was his journey through lands of hate
Luthien joined him to light him the way

By his side she stood, hard was their journey
Through lands of hate, full of fear and pain
Hopeless in Angband they finally arrived
After all they reached their goal

Dusty stairs and darkened lights
Leading down to Morgoth's might
Deadly hate which killed theri hope
Their only shield was their love
Reached the gate of Morgoth's hall
The hellish point of no return

Shining so brightly
They saw the Silmaril
Shining so brightly

So clear like a bird a song hurting all evil
Only Luthien's voice defeated his might
Morgoth began to sleep

Luthien took the Silmaril
She fulfilled Beren's quest
Started to retreat before Morgoth awioke

Quick now was their escape
to leave these lands of hate
to reach the end of their tale
Fulfilling their fate

See them...
As time went by still memories haunt their minds
See them...
But all heroes sacrifice
See them...
As time went by still memories haunt their minds
See them...
though marked by life death might reunify

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