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No Complaints



Plotting on some bitches and a wagon
I'm a make this money for the ones who never had it
Niggas think they ballin' but I'm waiting on the new stats
I would you tell you that I am the greatest but you knew that, who that
I'm the one your girl been posting tweets bout
This the kinda life me and my niggas used to dream bout
Riding round your city in a mother fucking spaceship
Moments never wasted, you don't hear me complaining
Ain't it

Funny how we came and doubled up
Shuffle the money like double dutch
Flipping and flipping to sum it up
Say what you want boy I'm coming up
Move that weak shit over to the side
All of my niggas is do or die
Try fuckin with em it's suicide
This will remain between you and I
I'm just the one with the money bags
Moving from middle to upper class
Take your investment and double that
Then make some more money and run it back
Roll up a J and get stupid high
It's hard in this game only few survive
We aren't the same I am super fly
You said that I changed I think you were right

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