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Germaine (for The Love Of)

Susan Aglukark

He was a boy, Almost a man
Sitting on the edge of his master plan
An unlikely source, for a hero to rise
But hero's are born from these unlikely times

Forging a love, at the cusp of change
Making a life with his love Germaine
And as love goes, things couldn't be more right
Cause love plays a hero in unlikely times

What kind of wanting can burn at the need
And how many are lucky to understand this kind of greed
It's savage and wanton and human to the core
It's the blood in the veins of the hunter paramour

8. InTo THe OCean

Why run away from the things we know
Why do we stray when the line's been drawn

O to call a turn
Would be a miracle of sorts
But chance was tied to chains
A paper pushers choice

Down, down into the ocean
Down, down into the ocean

Why turn away, the road will lead you home
Why stake a claim, today's another persons dawn

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