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Too Hot To Sleep


Sweat rollin' down my hands and face
Big fan on the screen porch turnin'
Cat looking for a hidin' place
Sun sinkin' but the fire's still burnin'
Music playing a few doors down,
I'm drawn to the sound
It's just too hot to sleep

I walk restless to the street cafe
See that's shakin’ in the tropic zone
A cold Corona and a twist of lime
Cools me down when I'm alone
Movin' closer from across the room
I've seen her before and she looks so fine
Never wanted any woman more
I look at the door and she reads my mind

*Too hot to sleep
Give up the fight
Throw back the sheets
Shoot out the lights
Too hot to sleep
Come take me higher
Caught up in the heart
Of the moment's fire*

Still burnin' in the afterglow
Sun peekin' through mirrored glasses
A little groggy from the night before
Feelin' wired as the day advances
Can't seem to keep my mind off you
It's just no use -- it's blind desire
I wanna know that I can count on you
To throw a little gasoline on the fire

( * Repeat)

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