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    There are three well known young ladies
    People talk about today
    Three young ladies known for fortune and fame
    They aren't Mod
    They don't sing Rock
    A real old fashioned trio
    Who are simply known as Millie, Rose and Mame


    Everything today is thoroughly modern
    Check your personality
    Everything today makes yesterday slow
    You better face reality

    It's not insanity
    Says Vanity Fair
    In fact, it's stylish to raise your skirts and bob your hair

    In a rumble seat the world is so cosy
    If the boy is kissable
    And that tango dance they wouldn't allow

    Goodbye, good, goody girl
    I'm changing and how
    So beat the drums
    cause here comes thoroughly modern Millie now


    I'm wearing second hand hats
    Second hand clothes
    That's why they call me second hand Rose
    (You're ragged)
    Even my pajamas when I don em
    Has somebody else's nitials on 'em

    Second hand pearls
    Oh, I'm wearing second hand curls
    I never had a single thing that's new
    (What's a girl to do about it?)

    Once while strolling through the Ritz
    A girl got my goat
    (What'd she do?)
    She nudged her friend and said
    Oh, look, there's my old fur coat
    (And how embarassing)
    And everyone knows that I'm just second hand Rose
    From second avenue

    You coax that blues right out of the horn, Mame
    You charm that husk right off of the corn, Mame
    You've got that banjo strummin
    Plunkin out a tune to beat the band
    The whole plantation's hummin'
    Since you brought Dixie back to Dixie land

    You make them blackeyed peas and our grits, Mame
    Seems like the bill of fare at the Ritz, Mame
    You came, you saw, you conquered
    And absolutely nothing was the same
    You're special fascination'll prove to be inspirational
    We think you're just sensational, Mame

    Everything today is thoroughly modern
    Bands are getting jazzier
    And everything today is starting to go
    The cars are getting snazzier

    Men say it's criminal
    What women will do
    What they're forgetting is
    This is 1922

    Second hand shoes
    I'm wearing second hand hose
    They've all been worn before

    You're special fascination'll prove to be inspirational
    We think you're just sensational Mame
    Not to mention Rose and Millie
    We think you're just sensational Mame

    You're special fascination'll prove to be inspirational
    We think you're just sensational Mame
    Come on let's groove it, one last time
    We think you're just sensational Mame

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