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Bob Sinclar - What A Wonderful World

Summer Eletrohits

Imagine yourself, not feeling any pain
Not feeling any sufferings
But feeling good and feeling free in your mind
Imagine yourself floating in the air
Put your arms out like an eagle
And you're flying around
And everywhere you see there are people and the people are smiling
And everyone is having a good time
And the people are loving one another
Sharing with one another
Imagine a world where there is
Only peace, where there is no anger,
Where there is no hate, where there is no war
Imagine a world that is full of nothing but love
And full of nothing but joy
This world is something that we need

What a wonderful, wonderful world
Imagine a world
With no color
Everyone will respect one another
Imagine a life with no ending
Everyday will be a new beginning
A life that is happy and strong
Full of things that'll never go wrong
So come on let's hold, get together
And let's sing this song forever
What a wonderful world
This will be.


Compositor: Axwell / Ron Carroll

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