Baby Girl


Twice the Speed of Life

They say this town
The stars up all night
Don't know, can't see 'em
For the glow of the neon lights
And it's a long way from here
To the place where the home fires burn
Well, it's 2000 miles and one left turn

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please send money, I'm so broke that it ain't funny.
I don't need much just enough to get me through.
Please don't worry 'cause I'm alright
(I'm playing here at the bar tonight).
This time I'm gonna make our dreams come true...
Well, I love you more than anything in the world.

Your Baby Girl

Black top, blue sky
Big town full of tittle white lies
Everybody's your friend, you can never be sure
They'll promise fancy cars and diamond ring
All sorts of shiny things
Girl, you'll remember what your knees are for

Repeat Chorus

I know that I'm on my way
I can tell everytime I play
And I know it's woth all the dues I play
When I can write to you and say...

Dear Mon and Dad,

I'll send money, I'm so rich that it ain't funny
It oughtta be more than enough to get you through
Please don't worry 'cause I'm alright
(I'm staying here at Ritz tonight)
Whatta ya know we made our dreams come true!
And there are fancy cars and diamond rings
But you know that they don't mean a thing
They all add up to nothing compared to you
Well, remember me ribbons and curls...
I (still)love you more than anything in the world.

Your Baby Girl

Composição: Kristian Bush, Kristen Hall, Jennifer Nettles And Troy Bieser

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