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And You Tell Me



Another person in my skin
Claw and scratch me from within
I hear a voice inside the din
And you tell me
In my delusions I devise
A different face with different eyes
The revolutions start inside
And you tell me

I might be crazy over you / and you tell me
No excuse to lose it over you / and you tell me
So impatient wait to light the fuse / and you tell me

Laying on sanitarium floor / and it kills me
Living with a cellmate I ignore / and it kills me
With fingers clamped so tightly round my head / and you tell me
I set the house on fire explode
Into the driveway as you go
And you don’t answer anymore
And you tell me
To put it out and pull it in
Another person in my skin
I wish that I could go again
And you tell me

And as I feed upon myself
I know it’s me and no one else
You know and you know
And you tell me
Across a bridge of frozen ice
Is there a lake of bad advice
You know and you know
And you tell me

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