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The Avalanche

Sufjan Stevens

Avalanche: Outtakes & Extras from the Illinois Album

I call ye cabin neighbors
I call you once my friends
But I trust when you labor
And put my head to rest

But I was on the hatch
I was on the Avalanche
And I had found my match
I was on the floor

I took a train from Virginia
To Illinois, my home
He said, "I knew you had it in you."
The mind to make its own

But I was on the hatch
Riding on the Avalanche
I tried to take it back
I was on the floor

Come on, Stone! Come on, Star!
Come on, Snow! Come on, Car!
Come on, Hand! Come on, Feet!
Come on, Face! Come on, Street!
Come on, State! Come on, Song!
Move it fast! (Take it up)
Move it along! (The Ohio River)
Come on, Life! (Take it up)
Come on, Lord (Take it ever)
Make it right! (To the Mississippi)
Make it Yours!

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