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So You Are Tired

Sufjan Stevens


So you are tired of us
So rest your head
Turning back fourteen years
Of what I did and said

So you are breathing disaster
I did what I was told
But I was a man born invisible
Was it something I said
Or some kind of joke?

So you are tired as the sun
Are you with or without a friend?
Bring me back everything
Caught in your shield
Let everything else descend

So you are seething with laughter
Was it really all just a joke?
I was a man indivisible
When everything else was broke

So you are tired of even my kiss
So go back to your den
Throwing out everything
Left in your field
When there was nothing
Left to defend

So you are dreaming of after
Was it really all just for fun?
I was the man still in love with you
When I already knew it was done

So you are tired of me
So rest your head
Turning back all that
We had in our life
While I return to death

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