Subway To Sally

A dearth of moisture breaks the earth
to pieces I can‘t knit to one
(oh, I can‘t knit to one)
I‘m on my way accross the land
to another place as dry as hell
crumbling, disintegrating grain for grain

the people look to me for help
to ease their pain and nurse their wealth
their miracle‘s a curse to me
´cuz somehow somthing follows me
a dark cloud I can‘t seem to lose
destined to give what they need take

the rain is falling on my head
the rain falls down

water, water everywhere
´far back as I can think
as long as I remember I‘ve been swallowed by the drink
drowning in solutions
spirits dampened by the downpour
with the problems that I‘m solving I‘m disolving

in the rain that‘s falling on my head
the rain falls down

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