Memorial Prayer

Substance For God

At downcast head I'm standing between
Speechless rows and sentiment how my eyes defer to cry
I'm watering the ground with my tears
And deliver a prayer
For the one I lost
Memorial prayer
For those dears that we've bereaved
Death hacked them
Every beloved to his lovers
Oh, the losses that are coiling around us
Abide alone with all sweet memories
That are growing within my depth
Oh, why those we love are (to be) taken first?
The splendor of their life wilted
Like flowers at derelict field
They've left us
Pile of farewell tears
Cries out into the void
Drowning at vast sadness
A limdids memories as spring
Memorial prayer
All that we have loved
Now passes through our damp eyes
Memorial prayer
For our dears that death erased their shades
One by one like leaves at autumn falling and lust
I didn't know will I ever be able to outcry
My tears?
I'm still waiting at unending nights
Await for thee to return
Oh, all in vain
And we hope to find comfort at cry
But the drawback is too fierce in order
To over come about the

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