Crowned Seclusion

Substance For God

Immersing in ocean of tears
Only my eyes will show the pain
Of untimely farewells
We swore that we will be together forevermore
But we always break the promise
Tear after tear like a fountain of dew
Flows down at the sound of silence
At dawn I'm standing over the extending sea
My tears are streaming down the tones of their
Fall are returning as echoes
Crowned seclusion
My image that stands there alone and cry
While the waves of the cold wind
Are rising me with their coldness
My love in the stream of the ocean is drifted
To the sky I aspire seek for my love
But I can't block those bleak emotions
That are growing inside me
The golden flowers at spring
Blooming in the breeze
Sunlight slowly declines over me
Now the curtain of silence rips with my sigh
But my heart becomes as hard as stone.

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