Behind The Wreath

Substance For God

And the scarlet line traverses the horizon
While I was carried behind the pall
With cry and tears around me
Towards the flowery field
Beneath the solemn stone I lie
Attempt to see the golden light of the sun
That seeps over
The skies cover one self at scarlet silk
And the morning entwines the light upon the grass
Where autumn winds whipping at scarlet fields
Where the flowers around the stone are crying
Why did You take him
I can not lock (no longer) the tears
The soil is oversee over You
The soil that absorb my tears
God even You couldn't find a comfort
I hear You when You weep beside me
At the green carpets
Thou caressing the silver words that are
Ingrained at ebony cliff
Oh I want to see You once again
Together we wonder if a new day
Will shine through our tears
Bur still at this field (where love is lost)
One heart is locked under the
Assembly of flowers
Oh here I lie forever more
Behind the wreath (I wait for thee)

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