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Assembly Of Flowers

Substance For God

The flowers on the pall
Were have to keep growing
And don't pass as you
Why did she leave so quick?
I still retain the vow
To remember thee
Remember and never forget you
She was the crown that was taken
From me without permission
Without asking if i'm willing
To concede over you
She lives in every breath, every thought
Therefore her drawback is harder
And when she's gone
I wanted to cry bur i couldn't
I scream out your name
Into the night
The memories against my eyes are passing
Memories of love that will never return
If i'm able i'll give you
Several years from my life
So that i won't live them without you
But i still remember all
Like it happened again
So hard to forget
Where are you now?
There is nothing to comfort me but you
All i want now is a heart
Made of stone
For (the sake) i will never
Long for you
All the flowers on the pall wither
Death blew at them too
All that left for me
Is to remember you
Remember and never forget

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