Strike Anywhere

The tyrants have taken our softest dreams
The tyrants have stolen our minds so it seems
The tyrants music deafens undetected are our screams
The tyrants take our bodies' freedom
Ripped at the seams

Arm desire rebel soldier bomb the mind

Resist infiltration
Put the chains of society
On the leaders themselves
So they can pull each other apart
In their homes where they lie
When they sell where they lie
When they tell where they lie
When they sell where they lie

But who elects the tyrants?
Voting with our poisoned ambitions
Pets of the public inna black hole watching
In every house in every nation they're recreating
Channels of false expression
Now fight against this:
resist infiltration

Find the hidden words of freedom
On the walls, on the hills, and
On these streets where we labor
Leave their power unfilled

The vision of the corporate virus will take our eyes soon
The warmth of a television: black hole mental tomb
The handshake of a leader paralyze us in the womb
Of armed desire rebel soldier bomb the mind

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