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Into The Black Hole / Cold Metal

Stream Of Passion

[Damian Wilson - Into the Black Hole]
A dark sphere surrounds us
(Surreal, oblivious)
In the centre of the galaxy

A hidden force has found us
(Powerful, mysterious)
At the boundary of eternity

Nothing escapes, not even light
Beyond the mystical horizon
We surrender to its might
Gazing into the eye of the universe

A deep roar is sounding
(Deafening, thunderous)
As if the universe were crying
My heart is pounding
(Frantic, delirious)
My every nerve is dying


[Marcela Bovio - Cold Metal]
The train is moving forward and closer
Can't stand up and walk away
Once I made my mind up so long ago
Now I can't change
It is just too bad

Cold metal
burning in my back
Cold cold metal
Cold cold metal
my head will burst open
Cold cold metal
it's been too much

Compositor: Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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