Stream Of Passion

Oh my love
I think I've been led astray
Led to walk down an empty street
Where all secrets can be heard

Like a rush
Of icy wind down my spine
Piercing eyes will cut
Through all reason
And dig into my mind

We can't stay, we're in danger
They'll follow us everywhere we go

Lead the way
Take me somewhere
Where our worlds can collide
Lead the way
Take me somewhere
And bury me in your arms

Oh my love
Nothing is what it seems
They'll put on a smile
To disguise the knife
Hidden up their sleeves

Pray for us
And the bond we had
For as soon the night falls down
I'm sure, you won't have the chance

Only you hold the answer
And only you can right their wrong

Only you hold the answer
Say the word and I will never run again

Letra enviada por Luiz Aires

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