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Secrets (bbc Version)

Strawberry Switchblade

Locked up in your own little world
of ??
So persecuted and so pained
Your secrets trouble you
Don't they
Don't pass them all on to me
I don't want to know
I have secrets of my own
Yes I'm troubled too
Oh I'm troubled

Aren't we all?
I thought everyone had a secret to tell
I wish I could hear them all
Tell me, entertainment ??
??, let us know
We all want to hear
You tell me, I'll tell you
I've not heard it before

So why not tell me now
I'd really like to know
I know that you have one to tell
So tell me it, tell me
Don't keep it all to yourself
Let me share it too
They all trouble you
They all trouble you
Secrets trouble you

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