Let Her Go

Strawberry Switchblade

You let her go
She does not want to be with you
She told me so
She does not know what to do
Yes she knows she must try
To keep you from under her skin
But it's not been that easy
Because you just won't give in
And I know I would let go
I know, I know

I know it's wrong
It can't possibly go on
She can't drop a friend
Just because you say so
I love her more than you do
Yet I can't get near her
It isn't fair that you should
Say who can and can't see her
And I know I would let go
I know, I know

She has a mind of her own
And she's going to use it
She told you to step down
So you'll have to do it
Maybe you'll try it again
But it won't work out
That I know
You can't push any more
You'll just have to let her go
(I would let go) let her go
(And I know I would let go) let her go

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