Another Day

Strawberry Switchblade

I was just strolling down this path
And I'm looking at the houses ahead
Wondering if you're at breakfast
Or maybe you're still in bed
I hate to wake you this way
But there's things that I must say
I could just turn away
But it won't wait another day
Another day, another day, another day

Now we're together
I just found that my courage
Has all gone away
If you really want to know how I feel
You'll have to turn away
Please don't look in my eyes
You might find I'm telling lies
I don't know what to do
I keep going, but where to
Where to, where to, where to

Now it's all over, it just is
And I only woke you up to say
Hello, goodbye
I just came to tell you I'm on my way
Here comes another day
But now you seem so far away
Nothing seems the same
But maybe I'll see you again
See you again
I'll see you again
See you again
See you again another day

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